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C.E.B. Publicity’s Client, Silverlake Fencing, is featured on ABC 7 News

July 31, 2014 0 notes Reblog

C.E.B. Publicity’s client, Silverlake Fencing, was featured by ABC7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles as a fun way to beat fitness boredom. In ABC’s video taken at The Sweat Spot in Silverlake, coach and founder Karolyn Szot explains some of the fencing basics that she is teaching to beginners in her class. Sign up today for your first, free introductory class at and check out the full ABC story here.

Calling All Fencers! Join Silverlake Fencing on ABC7 News

July 11, 2014 0 notes Reblog

Monday July 14 is a great time to support Silverlake Fencing and to say you fenced on TV! 


A Message from Silverlake Fencing:

Channel 7 ABC News wants to flm a piece at Silverlake Fencing on Monday morning! Please come out and support our fencing club. This would mean a lot and your time would be greatly appreciated. This is our chance to make fencing HUGE on the East Side! 

They particularly want to see people suited up, doing drills, and fencing. We’ll find a place for you!

If you have only taken one class here you can still help us make a big difference. Show off your moves! En Garde! Advance! Lunge! 


Please arrive at 6am this Monday 7/14

3327 W Sunset Blvd (Our Sweat Spot Studio)

The teases on TV will run anywhere from 6:20 to 6:30 a.m.

The live shot runs at 6:40 or 6:45 a.m.

The filming should only last about 2mins. 

We would love to have everyone be a part of the segment and you can say you fenced on TV! 

Please let us know if you can attend so I have a count of who is coming.

We would really appreciate your help!


C.E.B. Publicity: Public Relations for Innovators. Visit us at

Gia On the Move Features C.E.B. Publicity’s Client, The Super Serious Show

July 9, 2014 0 notes Reblog


Arts & Culture blog Gia on the Move featured C.E.B. Publicity’s client, The Super Serious Show, for their four-year anniversary celebration coming up on July 16th. Hailed as the “Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Stand-Up Comedy Party” by LA Weekly, The Super Serious Show is a DIY-style monthly comedy party that brings fresh lineups to packed audiences and continues to set the bar high for live comedy. Discounted tickets are available here for the anniversary show, which includes headliner/host Andy Peters, as well as Jen Kirkman, Jimmy Pardo, Garfunkel & Oates, the Sklar Brothers, Daniel Van Kirk and videos by Peter Atencio. 

Read the full article from Gia on the Move here.


C.E.B. Publicity: Public Relations for Innovators. Visit us at

The Shit Show Joins The Comedy Exposition of 2014 in Chicago

July 8, 2014 0 notes Reblog


This year, Chicago launches a brand new comedy festival called The Comedy Exposition of 2014 and The Shit Show is thrilled to be part of it. The Shit Show is the rowdiest stand-up show in any comedy scene. It combines the ambiance of a run-down frat party with the high-class jokes of comics seen on Comedy Central, BET, Conan and more. With monthly shows in Los Angeles and in Chicago, The Shit Show brings great comedy, fantastic Dollar Tree Prizes, and the ultimate in chugging contests to the midwest and the West Coast. Tickets are available to The Shit Show’s Comedy Expo debut this Saturday July 12th right here. Until then, check out the amazing lineup you’ll be seeing at the show below.

Kelsie Huff (Zanies, Chicago’s Laugh Factory) @kelsiehuff

Ian Abramson (7 Minutes in Purgatory, contributor for The Whiskey Journal) @iantherage

Josh Androsky - LA (Skateboarding Rabbi on Price is Right) @shutupandrosky

Derek Sheen - SEA(Bridgetown, Cape Fear and S.F. Sketchfest Comedy Festivals) @dereksheen

Sean O’Connor - LA (Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central) @seanoconnz


Hot Dog Man (Keith Paesel) @keithpaesel

-Hosted by-

 Ever Mainard (@evermainard) & Rasa Gierstikas (@rasagierstikas)


C.E.B. Publicity: Public Relations for Innovators. Visit us at

PureWow Features C.E.B. Publicity’s Client, Silverlake Fencing

July 7, 2014 0 notes Reblog


PureWow featured C.E.B. Publicity’s client, Silverlake Fencing, as their new favorite workout spot in Los Angeles. Unlike so many workouts that become boring and mind-numbing, PureWow was pleased to find that fencing at Karolyn Szot’s month-old club was exhilarating for the mind and body.

We left with pleasantly sore thigh and core muscles (all that lunging)—but we hadn’t noticed during class because we’d been concentrating on form and outwitting our sparring partner.”

Read the full article here and sign up for your free introductory group class at Silverlake Fencing today.

C.E.B. Publicity: Public Relations for Innovators. Visit us at


The Traveling Muttseusse Launches in Los Angeles

July 4, 2014 0 notes Reblog

PRLog (Press Release) Jul. 4, 2014 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Certified dog groomer Lisa Laureta recently launched her mobile dog massage business, The Traveling Muttseusse, in Los Angeles. Laureta makes soothing your pet easy by bringing a menu of healing treatments to your home, including ear cleaning, coconut oil paw treatment, hemp oil application and a thirty-minute dog massage.

Laureta has owned dogs her whole life and has extensive experience working in shelters, clinics, groom shops and pet hotels. A stand-up comedian, as seen on OWN, Laureta likes to focus on the uplifting aspects of grooming that make pets just as happy as audiences in a comedy show. “After spending years as a dog groomer, I needed a change,” says Laureta. “I wanted to turn my focus to the less intimidating, more feel-good aspects of the grooming process.”

In a city like Los Angeles, Laureta knows that dogs are truly part of the family. Mobile dog massage is ideal for a wide range of canine companions, from the old and cranky dogs to the young and rambunctious ones. “My clients report that their dogs are more relaxed and comforted after my services,” says Laureta. “Massage helps dogs unwind and it’s a great way to help your arthritic furry friends.”

Laureta also offers consultations with potential pet adopters, having extensive experience working with dogs in shelters. “I love how proud people are about rescuing out here,” she says. “The shelters have a really high turnover which is great news. East Valley Animal Shelter, the one I volunteer at, actually has the highest adoption rate in the country!”

While Laureta does have considerable knowledge of dogs, she is not a veterinarian and encourages pet owners to consult a veterinarian for serious injuries, behavioral issues or ailments.

About The Traveling Muttseusse
The Traveling Muttseusse is the dog massage business that comes to you. Offering a range of treatments, including thirty-minute dog massage, coconut oil paw treatment, hemp oil application and ear cleaning, The Traveling Muttseusse makes soothing your canine companion as easy as sending an email or making a call. Traveling Muttseusse prices include the cost of travel. For more information about The Traveling Muttseusse, visit or follow the Traveling Muttseusse Facebook page….

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